[Mailman-Users] RH7.3 and sendmail 8.x problem

peter schoch pschoch at sussex.cc.nj.us
Thu Nov 7 18:17:35 CET 2002

The reply mailman sends is via email, that's why I believe that sendmail is OK.  It goes out to all of my subscribers, and that's why they are asking me what's up ― they get the confirmation, they can email in and it is posted to the archives, but nothing comes back to the list members.

Essentially, mailman is functioning like a very high maintenance BBS system at this point.

I have checked several places for logs.  While I have some attempted ftp attacks from belgium and france, and some attempted mail forwarding by 'spamers', I have no errors for mailman or sendmail.

I am almost at the point of just dumping the whole machine and doing an entire re-install of RH 7.3 to see if there is something wrong.  I had an old RH 6.2 machine, and it took me less than a day to install and get mailman working on that one.  I figured 7.3 would be an improvement ― what a mistake.

Peter Schoch

Peter Schoch
Physics and CIS
Sussex County Community College
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>>> michael shiloh <michael at makingthings.com> 11/06/02 02:34PM >>>
peter, your situation sounds a lot like mine. when you say
below "The mailman does send out confirmations of
subscribing" is this an email message or the web page? and
do you receive this email message at the destination?

have you checked for mail/mailman messages in

hope this helps

On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, peter schoch wrote:

> Ok, I've done some work...
> >If it's not the cron, then:
> >- have you setup a smrsh link to the wrapper >program (does your MTA use
> >smrsh)?
> The mailman does send out confirmations of subscribing to the list.  It just doesn't send out the mail messages.
> >- is your MTA listening on every port or on >limited ports?
> >netstat -na | grep ":25 "
> It is listening.  It archives all messages sent to the list!  It just won't send them back out.  I have tried to alter senmail's relaying by adding the domains of the subscribers, etc. but to no avail.  (Yes I did restart sendmail.)
> >Make sure that it accepts mail sent to localhost >on port 25 (that means
> >also check out your local firewall rules!).
> I have minimal rules now to try and get this to work.
> >Have you looked at the log files for Mailman. They >might give you some
> >information on what is going on.
> I have no files in ~mailman/logs/ directory.
> >BTW: what the heck is "linux 7.3"? Is that Red Hat >Linux version 7.3?
> Sorry, I was (and am) a bit frazzled as to why this is not working.  It is Red Hat 7.3.
> Thanks,
> Peter Schoch
> Good Luck - Jon Carnes 
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