[Mailman-Users] mailman and qmail gid problem

Barry Smoke barry at arhosting.com
Fri Nov 8 23:36:32 CET 2002

As the README.QMAIL states, there is a problem with virtual domains, and 
lists, and the way people usually get around it is to use a 
lists.whatever.com virtual domain, and point it directly to mailman,
however, I have a virtual domain, using vmailmgr, which users will 
recieve mail at, so my .qmail-default for that domain(/home/domain.com)

I want that to stay, and also have a list called "list" to work on 
so the mailing list address would be list at domain.com

I put in a .qmail-list file in /home/domain.com, and I'm getting the gid 
by qmail...
@400000003dcc360a29b85604 delivery 4: deferral: 

now in the README.QMAIL, it states that if I want to have a user other 
than mailman to deliver to ~mailman,
I can set the mailman directory to setgid, so I chmod 6775 ~mailman, and 
I'm still getting the same error...

I have to make this work,
so any advice is appreciated.

Barry Smoke
Owner arhosting.com

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