[Mailman-Users] mailman and qmail gid problem

Barry Smoke barry at arhosting.com
Sat Nov 9 04:27:06 CET 2002

I'm referring to the README.QMAIL file, which has the section on

I know about mailman having to run as gid 102, which is what I hard
coded it to at install time...
I am an isp, which has a main domain of arhosting.com
I do virtual hosting, using apache, and qmail+vmailmgr, which I add
every virtual domin to the system as a user, which gives them a userid,
and gid...

I just made the virtual domains primary group the same as mailman's, and
it is working now...

It would be nice to get around having to do that though, because of
posting concerns/permissions...

I guess, I could still keep them in the group that was created when the
virtual domain was added as a user.

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It looks like qmail (or whatever is calling the Mailman aliases) is
using the Group ID of 65848 (or perhaps it is undefined). Your best bet
is to change qmail's Group ID to 102.  

Failing that, if 65848 really is a Group ID in /etc/group then you could
re-install Mailman and set it to use the mail gid of 65848.

Mailman has a check on the wrapper program (which is run via the MTA:
qmail). The check only allows the Mailman user, root, or the MTA to run
it.  The check looks at the Group ID of application that is trying to
start it.  In your case when wrapper looks up the Group ID of the
application that is trying to start it, the system is giving it the
number: 65848.

Good Luck - Jon Carnes

On Fri, 2002-11-08 at 17:36, Barry Smoke wrote:
> As the README.QMAIL states, there is a problem with virtual domains,
> lists, and the way people usually get around it is to use a 
> lists.whatever.com virtual domain, and point it directly to mailman,
> however, I have a virtual domain, using vmailmgr, which users will 
> recieve mail at, so my .qmail-default for that
> reads:
> |usr/bin/vdeliver
> I want that to stay, and also have a list called "list" to work on 
> domain.com,
> so the mailing list address would be list at domain.com
> I put in a .qmail-list file in /home/domain.com, and I'm getting the
> by qmail...
> @400000003dcc360a29b85604 delivery 4: deferral: 
> now in the README.QMAIL, it states that if I want to have a user other

> than mailman to deliver to ~mailman,
> I can set the mailman directory to setgid, so I chmod 6775 ~mailman,
> I'm still getting the same error...
> I have to make this work,
> so any advice is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Barry Smoke
> Owner arhosting.com
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