[Mailman-Users] Mailman problem

Johnathon B. Allread - East Coast Computers john at eastcoast-pc.com
Mon Nov 11 01:44:18 CET 2002

On Sun, 2002-11-10 at 18:43, Jon Carnes wrote:
> Hmmm, Jeremy's mail seemed pretty nice to me - especially since he hit
> the mark on your problem.  In light of that, your statement seems much
> more snide.

Which comment seemed like that?  I explain the reason why I "ignored"
the "alias creation step."  Nothing said to edit the aliases file.

> > 
> FAQ entry 3.14 section 2

Which web site is this from?  I am looking at: 


not sure what you are referring to.  I see a couple of website
pertaining to mailman.  What is the offical website?

> BTW: the FAQ is open source.  Feel free to adjust it so others who
> follow will have an easier time...

Sounds great, I will.  However, I believe the developers should edit the
new list script to tell the user to edit the aliases file so this list
won't have so many posts about the same problem.  Since most new users
to a mailing list such as myself, don't know how Mailman interacts with
the MTA.  Now that I know, I will educate the other members of my Unix
user group.  

Thanks for the insight.

Johnathon B. Allread
East Coast Computers

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