[Mailman-Users] Incorrect info in headers

Kaja P. Christiansen kaja at daimi.au.dk
Fri Nov 8 14:50:42 CET 2002

Eric Trager writes:

 > The problem we are having is that the monthly messages for the different
 > lists and users all end up with the same Return-Path, Sender, and
 > Errors-to headers, which contain the address of the admin for one of the
 > lists (it so happens it's the first list that was created at this site).
 > What this boils down to is once a month, bounce errors for invalid
 > addresses for lists 3, 4, and 7, the ones that send out the monthly
 > reminders, all go to the admin for list 1. 

We are having the same problem. I am managing mailman lists at two different
sites. From each site, I received error reports from a list admin about 
receiving bounce errros from another list. And as in your case, the
list that would receive the bounces was the first list created at that site.

The problems started this summer, around the time we switched to mailman 
2.0.13 (could be pure coincidence though). I couldn't figure out how to
solve it; there has been nothing suspicious in the log files. So, I am 
currently working on making transition to 2.1b4, hoping this will make 
the problem go away...


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