[Mailman-Users] Mailman problem

Jacek Wojaczynski kocurek at kocurek.eu.org
Sun Nov 10 18:38:54 CET 2002

Sunday, 10 Nov 2002 at 12:24 Johnathon B. Allread -  East Coast
Computers wrote:

> > What version of Mailman do you use? 2.0 or 2.1?
> > I used to have some aliases for /etc/postfix/aliases - exactly 
> > those which Mailman told me to create. It's in the manual.
> > PS. Don't forget about "newaliases" command after adding aliases
> > to /etc/postfix/aliases.
> I am using version 2.013.  I know the newaliases command.  You mention
> manual, however, I can't seem to find it on the web.  A manual will help
> a lot.

Well... from the manual (the INSTALL file):

- Running newlist will generate a list of aliases that must be
  added to the system.  If you are running Sendmail, you may add
  the lines output directly to the file /etc/aliases.  You may
  need to run the command 'newaliases' (all as root).  Now the
  mailing address for your list as well as its administrative
  addresses will be set up.  If you are not running Sendmail,
  consult your MTA's documentation for information on adding

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