[Mailman-Users] List mail vanishing

Adrian Lester adrianjames.lester at soton.uni.ntl.com
Tue Nov 12 10:42:42 CET 2002

I appear to have a problem. All e-mail to all mailman lists on my server is 
vanishing. The web interface is still there, the /usr/local/mailman 
directories look fine to me, subscription and unsubscription notices (for 
(un)subscriptions performed through the web interface) get through OK.

E-mail to the list, however, simply disappears. It neither goes out to 
subscribers nor appears in the archives. I presume that the mailman command 
is accepting the e-mail OK because postfix sends no error messages to the 

This started apparrently randomly at some stage yesterday.

If anyone can give advice I would be much obliged.

Many thanks in advance,


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