[Mailman-Users] ??

Denison Marrs denisonmarrs at juno.com
Mon Nov 11 19:03:14 CET 2002

Hi, my name is Kyle Griner and I currently have a web site hosted via
Hostway.com and am trying to set up a email list through the Mailman
feature that Hostway walks you through upon selecting that option.

I must admit I am 100% confused at to how to use Mailman. I simply want
to send monthly newsletters out to my roughly 2,500 email addresses that
i've collected by having people sign up at live events/concerts.

is there a number i can call to receive specific instructions? i really
dont want an auto-reply

thank you for your time,

Kyle Griner / manager - Denison Marrs
manager at denisonmarrs.come
863.682.8899 office / 863.670.6059 cell
928.833.3927 eFax

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