[Mailman-Users] Carriage Return in Archives

John Buttery john at io.com
Tue Nov 12 18:32:47 CET 2002

* J C Lawrence <claw at kanga.nu> [2002-11-10 11:44:58 -0800]:
> For me formatting is often significant, and almost as often a critical
> part of content.  Sometimes in now just what was said, but how it was
> said.

  I hate posting "I agree" messages, but since this may turn into some
kind of pseudo-vote, here we go.   It's the same concept as the header
rewriting...the message should be presented the way the sender intended
it.  Having the MLM mangle it to account for random MUAs' errant
behaviour is not the fix, the fix is to unbreak the MUA and/or its user.

 John Buttery
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