[Mailman-Users] mass subscribe and specify password

David Moore dmoore at aibi.org
Tue Nov 12 22:29:23 CET 2002

Need some help here... I've scanned the FAQ and havn't found a clear (to me)
answer yet -

What I am wanting to do is use the List administrator's  "Mass Subscribe
Members" under Member Management (web interface) and specify not only the
users email but the users initial password.

For example - under mass subscribe:

dmoore at aibi.org [PASSWORD]
dmoore at aibi.net [PASSWORD]
myemail at aibi.org [PASSWORD]
youremail at yourdom.ain [PASSWORD]


where in all four cases the password for that user is "password" or whatever
text is assigned as the persons INITIAL password - if they want to change it
later that is fine but specifying the INITIAL password.

I'm trying to set up the initial list(s) (apx 300-400 users each) without
the users having to "confirm" - otherwise I can use the email interface and
subscribe them with password using the syntax:  subscribe PASSWORD
address=<EMAIL at ADDRESS>, but then each one must "confirm" their own

Any ideas? - Again I am only a LIST/domain admin and not Mailman/server
admin ...
If I'm looking at my site specs right we are on Mailman version 2.0.13.

Thanks in advance.

David Moore
Technical Coordinator
AIBI Resources
dmoore at aibi.org

AIBI Resources
Resources for Biblical Church Development
A Ministry of American Indian Bible Institute

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