[Mailman-Users] bounce handling

Davin Dahlgren davin at pacifier.com
Wed Nov 13 00:41:07 CET 2002

I have set the administrative bounce settings, but there are still a lot
of messages that are not being dealt with. Are there any scripts written
to handle these things, or perhaps someone can be more specific with
some exact instructions on how to configure the bounce settings to do
the job?


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Look at the Bounce Options in the web administrative interface.


There you can set the options your asking for.

* Davin Dahlgren (davin at pacifier.com) wrote:
> We are having some trouble with bounces. We are getting a lot of
> back with "unknown user" "invalid recipient" "mailbox full" and "host
> not found." We are having to unsubscribe these addresses one by one
> manually because Mailman does not seem to be dealing with them. Isn't
> supposed to take action on these types of responses? If not, is there
> some automated way of handling these things?

Matthew Davis
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Tuesday, November 05, 2002 / 04:46PM

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