[Mailman-Users] Mailman qrunners getting stale

Greg Westin greg at gregwestin.com
Wed Nov 13 14:53:53 CET 2002

I noticed a while ago that, for some reason, Mailman would periodically
just stop working.  Or rather, mail would be received and processed, but
wouldn't get sent to the MTA for sending until I restarted the Mailman
qrunners.  Basically, I just had to run /usr/local/mailman/bin/mailmanctl
start every morning to make sure it was working.  So I just installed a
crontab entry that does that every so often - it almost always just throws
an error because the qrunners are fine, but I don't want to risk Mailman
quietly shutting down and me not noticing.

Any ideas what my problem might be?  I'm running 2.1b3 on OS X (Client)
with Postfix.



greg at gregwestin.com
Contact info: http://www.gregwestin.com/contact.php

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