[Mailman-Users] New lists do not work

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Fri Nov 15 22:52:31 CET 2002

Check to see if the location of the system aliases file changed.

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Subject: [Mailman-Users] New lists do not work

> Dear folks,
> We haven't made any progress on this one, so let me send it out again to
> see if someone recognizes something:
> I have no expertise at all in computer programming or the mailman
> program. Our installation set up by a good programmer who is not too
> familiar with mailman. He doesn't have the time to participate in this
> list. So I'll present our problem in the language of one who doesn't
> understand the technical language and I'll forward any suggestions to
> our programmer.
> Here's the situation:
> 1. Our mailman program was working fine for several months.
> 2. When some configuration changes were made to our server, sendmail
> stopped woring as did the mailman forwarding capabilities. The cause was
> located and corrected and all seemed to be fine. All our lists started
> to work again and continue to work well. But....
> 3. New lists that are created do not work.
> 4. It is initially possible to administer the list, but when the first
> message is sent, it does not forward and, after that, it is no longer
> possible to access the administration page. The admin access page comes
> up, you type in the password, but, then, nothing happens.
> 5. Also, it is not possible to delete these lists and try to create them
> again with the same name.
> Any suggestions?
> Ralph
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