[Mailman-Users] qmail, mailman and headaches...

Thomas Ward jomommadeep13 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 17 22:56:49 CET 2002

I must be completely missing something here. And every search on the internet
for solutions on this have pretty much ended in single responses to a posting
and no follow up afterwards. Here's what I have:

I'm running qmail 1.03 with vpopmail on FreeBSD 4.5. I have downloaded and
installed mailman 2.0.13. I changed the MTA type to "qmail" through the
mm_cfg.py file. Doing a "newlist" sends an e-mail just fine to me.I "su"ed and
ran the code that was spit out by newlist to put the .qmail files in the alias
directory. Going on the /mailman/listinfo page and signing up from there sends
an e-mail fine as well. I even ran: tcprules /etc/tcp.smtp.cdb
/etc/tcp.smtp.tmp < /etc/tcp.smtp (with relay info in there, including and local IP block... it IS a.b.c.:allow,RELAYCLIENT="" right?)
Sending the confirm message _fails_. I called my list "qqq" so I could test it
without trying to parse through previous tests with a mailing list named

>From logs/smtp:
Nov 17 13:30:08 2002 (71363) smtp for 1 recips, completed in 0.025 seconds

>From logs/subscribe
Nov 17 13:30:08 2002 (71363) qqq: pending jomommadeep13 at yahoo.com  x.x.x.x

qmail-send/current:@400000003dd809c426976adc info msg 1767: bytes 2271 from
<qqq-admin at moufette.com> qp 71305 uid 82
qmail-send/current:@400000003dd80a6a32286e64 info msg 1767: bytes 1775 from
<qqq-admin at moufette.com> qp 71365 uid 82
qmail-send/current:@400000003dd80aa6240d02f4 starting delivery 62051: msg 1767
to local moufette.com-qqq-request at moufette.com
qmail-send/current:@400000003dd80aa6283ffe44 delivery 62051: success:
qmail-send/current:@400000003dd80b6435a84e24 starting delivery 62053: msg 1767
to local moufette.com-qqq-request at moufette.com
qmail-send/current:@400000003dd80b6436986314 delivery 62053: success:

I see no failure messages. I tried it twice even. I tried it with the .qmail
files in the /home/vpopmail/domains/moufette.com/ directory.

Could somebody PLEASE explain how to get mailman to PROPERLY work with qmail?


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