[Mailman-Users] Migration questions (majordomo, MHonArc, Yahoo!Groups)

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Mon Nov 18 20:04:05 CET 2002

At 18:26 18/11/2002, Phillip L. Harbison wrote:
>I'm migrating from Majordomo and MHonArc to Mailman.  Is there
>an easy way to convert MHonArc archives to Pipermail?  I have
>found a perl script (mhn2mbox) that will convert MHonARC HTML
>files back to UNIX mailbox format, but I was hoping for a more
>direct approach.
>Is there a web interface for searching the archives?  We are
>using a perl CGI to search the existing archives.  I might be
>able to hack that to work with Pipermail.

See for info about search options at 

>I have two lists that are currently hosted by Yahoo!Groups.  We
>are tired of being bombarded by advertising and having beacons
>track our activity.  I would like to host these locally using
>Mailman.  One feature Mailman appears to be missing is means of
>replying to a message, preferably with quoted text, using a web
>interface.  Did I miss something?  Is free software available
>to do this?
>Phil Harbison
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