[Mailman-Users] Multiple Servers for a List?

Ian Chilton mailinglist at ichilton.co.uk
Tue Nov 19 10:17:53 CET 2002


I have a domain with 2 master mx servers and I want to run mailman on
both so if 1 is down, the mailing lists still work. I have not setup
mailman yet, but have subscribed to quite a few lists using it.

Does anyone have a similar setup?

I was thinking the best way would be to alias listserv at domain.com (or
whatever) to listserv at server1.domain.com and listserv at server2.domain.com
so when a command (like subscribe/unsubscribe) was received, it would go
to both.

Then, I thought about the web interface that made me choose
mailman....so, I wondered if the subscription info was stored in a text
file? - if so I could do an hourly rsync of it... but this is not ideal
as the subscription info is out of date for up to an hour (or I waste
bandwidth doing more rsync's). Or, what if one server was down - it will
keep trying to rsync.

Does mailman have any features to handle this?

If not, it should have some feature to specify a backup list server and
whenever a change is made to a list setting, it mails the specified
address for this backup list server to update the info.

Also, while i'm on - we currently have the list running from mdaemon on
a windows box (just because we never had time to migrate it when we
switched from windows to unix a while back). I can get it to mail me
with a list of subscribers - can I just dump this straight into the
mailman file or do I have to manually subscribe them all 1 by 1?

Thanks in Advance!


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