[Mailman-Users] mailman instalation

Daniel Provin dgp at labmetro.ufsc.br
Tue Nov 19 19:34:08 CET 2002

I have installed mailman on the network, but when I create a new list, it
only send mail to the local users, any subcribed users outside my local
network do not get any copy of the mails.

I found this error on sendmail:
Nov 19 16:26:15 labmetro sendmail[14864]: gAJIQ5C14864: ruleset=check_rcpt, arg1=<danielprovin at yahoo.com>, relay=localhost.localdomain [], reject=551 5.7.1 we do not relay

danielprovin at yahoo.com is the external email, so I think it may be the
relay setting on the mailman configuration, or in my local relay setting?


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