[Mailman-Users] RELEASED Mailman 2.1 beta 5

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Nov 19 19:44:35 CET 2002

I've released Mailman 2.1 beta 5, and upgraded the python.org server
to run this version, so with this announcement you are seeing its
effects. :) Everything seems to be cruising along smoothly, so
hopefully we'll have better luck with this version than with 2.1b4.

See below for a list of changes since 2.1b4.  Lots of bug fixes, u/i
tweaks, and added support for Estonian.

Be sure to read the IMPORTANT note in the change file below.  If
you're seeing horrible performance with Pipermail archives under
2.1b4, there is a fix available but you will have to take some manual


-------------------- snip snip --------------------
2.1 beta 5 (19-Nov-2002)

    As is typical for a late beta release, this one includes the usual
    bug fixes, tweaks, and massive new features (just kidding).

    IMPORTANT: If you are using Pipermail, and you have any archives
    that were created or added to in 2.1b4, you will need to run
    bin/b4b5-archfix, followed by bin/check_perms to fix some serious
    performance problems.  From you install directory, run
    "bin/b4b5-archfix --help" for details.

    - The personalization options have been tweaked to provide more
      control over mail header and decoration personalizations.  In
      2.1b4, when personalization was enabled, the To and Cc headers
      were always overwritten.  But that's usually not appropriate for
      anything but announce lists, so now these headers aren't changed
      unless "Full personalization" is enabled.

    - You now need to go to the General category to enable emergency

    - The order of the hold modules in the GLOBAL_PIPELINE has
      changed, again.  Now Moderate comes before Hold.

    - Estonian language support has been added.

    - All posted messages should now get decorated with headers and
      footers in a MIME-safe way.  Previously, some MIME type messages
      didn't get decorated at all.

    - bin/arch grew a -q/--quiet option

    - bin/list_lists grew a -b/--bare option

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