[Mailman-Users] Help unsubscribing members

fish fish at livingsky.net
Wed Nov 20 07:31:47 CET 2002

I have several people listed on one of my lists that are giving me problems
(not the people, just their addresses). I have tried to unsubscribe the
member, but mailman tells me that they are not a member. On the
admin/membership page, their address shows up in the subscribed members
list, and when I run list_members from the prompt, their name is in the
list. I notice that they, and others that mailman says are not members all
have their address with a colon after (eg foo at bar.com : )on the memberlist

Does anyone know how I can remove these addresses from the list that mailman
says they are not on? (only one is a problem, but there are several
addresses with the colon afterward which mailman tells me are not subscribed
to that list)

Robert Lydiate
icon at accesscomm.ca

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