[Mailman-Users] Migration questions (majordomo, MHonArc,Yahoo!Groups)

Phillip L. Harbison alvitar at xavax.com
Wed Nov 20 13:13:05 CET 2002

Arlen Walker wrote:
 > Ok, this may be too elementary, but you *do* realize MHonarc works
 > perfectly well with Mailman, don't you?

I saw a reference to external archivers in the documentation,
but I have not pursued that option.

 > So the reason you want to switch over to Pipermail is.....?

There are several.

[1] I want most of my archives to be private.  The way I'm currently
     doing this with MHonarc is setting up a user in my web server
     (Netscape Enterprise) and broadcasting the password to the list.
     I prefer the use Mailman's user authentication.

[2] I like the way Pipermail automatically breaks the archives up
     by {month,quarter,year} and creates an index of indexes.  My
     larger MHonarc archives get rather cumbersome.

[3] I like the way Mailman/Pipermail obscures the email addresses,
     although it could be better.

[4] I'd prefer to maintain only one package.

If these are not valid reasons, please clue me in.

Jon Carnes wrote:
 > MHonArch has many superior features that will probably never make
 > it into Pipermail [...]

Would you kindly elaborate on these superior features?  I've been
using MHonArc for about a year and I don't see much difference.
I've spent a fair amount of time hacking MHonarc configuration
files and I'm still not completely satisfied.  Pipermail does what
I want out of the box.

Phil Harbison

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