[Mailman-Users] Multiple Servers for a List?

Ian Chilton mailinglist at ichilton.co.uk
Thu Nov 21 09:42:31 CET 2002


> To make things simpler, you could limit users (and admins) to modify the
> list databases on only one of the two (or more) servers

That's what I was going to do.

> You could could point all website directions to that one server (and
> only one of the servers) and you could direct the <listname>-request
> emails to that same server, and then let both servers field mail to the
> lists.

And that :)

> Then you would simply have to do a one-way sync of the ~mailman/lists
> directory from that one server out to your mirrors.  If you wanted the
> archives as well, then you would have to sync the ~mailman/archives
> directory as well.

ok, i'll rsync them across every 1/2hr or so and hope that the main
server is not unavailable for the time before someone changing a
subscription and the next rsync :)

Are there any mailman developers around here? - a much better solution
would be to turn on a "backup server" option in the config file,
specifying the e-mail address of the list server on the backup server.
What should then happen if this is on, is whenever a list is changed
either with mail commands or the web interface, it should send a mail to
the backup server to make these same changes. This sounds very easy to
implement but would be very useful!

Thanks for your help!

Bye for Now,


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