[Mailman-Users] Names of attachments are broken in archive

Alexander Skwar lists.ASkwar at email-server.info
Fri Nov 22 06:42:22 CET 2002


When I send a message with an attachment to my mailing list, the
name of the attachment is broken in the archive.

This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
---------------------- multipart/mixed attachment

---------------------- multipart/mixed attachment
Ein Dateianhang mit Binärdaten wurde geschreddert...
Dateiname   : Drei =?ISO-8859-1?Q?W=FCnsche=2Epps?=
Dateityp    : application/octet-stream
Dateigröße  : 517728 bytes
Beschreibung: nicht verfügbar
URL         :

---------------------- multipart/mixed attachment--

In this mail, I've attached a PowerPoint file to the mail.   However,
Mailman/pipermail stores the file as foo.obj.  This also happens with
JPEGs which are stored as bar.jpe.

Because of the messed up name, I cannot just click on the link to see
the attachment.  At least Galeon displays the binary contents as text,
instead of invoking the proper display routine.

Using Mailman 2.1b5.

What to do?


Alexander Skwar
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