[Mailman-Users] post to one of my lists ends up in .../qfiles.shunt??

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Fri Nov 22 12:08:54 CET 2002

At 10:04 22/11/2002, Fuzzy wrote:

>freeBSD 4.7-release
>mailman 2.1b5
>python 2.2.1
>sendmail 8.12.6
>Posts to one of my lists ends up in .../qfiles.shunt??
>Any idea whats happening? all my other lists are working
>normally. I don't know what qfiles/shunt is for?
>How can I correct this. I tried setting the "auto-responder"
>flag and I did get the auto-responder email. The post just sits
>in shunt tho?
>a puzzled

The qrunner puts badly formatted messages that it cannot cope with into 
shunt. It also error logs information about the exception that caused it to 
make that decision.

The comments in the code say:

                 # Now that we've dequeued the message, we want to be
                 # incredibly anal about making sure that no uncaught exception
                 # could cause us to lose the message.  All runners that
                 # implement _dispose() must guarantee that exceptions are
                 # caught and dealt with properly.  Still, there may be a bug
                 # in the infrastructure, and we do not want those to cause
                 # messages to be lost.  Any uncaught exceptions will cause the
                 # message to be stored in the shunt queue for human
                 # intervention.

There is also a script $prefix/bin/unshunt that takes things from the shunt 
and tries to process them again.

But you presumably need to fix the problem in the message with your trusty 
text editor or it'll just get shunted again.

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