[Mailman-Users] Announce only list

Jeff Garvas jeff at cia.net
Fri Nov 22 16:14:10 CET 2002


I run an "announce only" list.


Its really easy.  You tell people its announcements only, no posts, and 
you put it into moderated mode.  I even approve the announcement posts
instead of telling mailman to "let them through" to prevent someone from
trying to fake the sender.

I made a small hack to mailman (nobody considered it a bug, I did) so if
a non-member posts to a moderated list it bounces the message into the
approval queue and says "Post by a non-member" instead of "Post to a
moderated list"

Just because a moderated list is moderated doesn't mean you want to
let non-members post, but thats not relevent to your project.

Just setup your list as moderated and tell people its an announcement only 


On Fri, Nov 22, 2002 at 09:01:11AM -0600 or thereabouts, Parker, David K wrote:
> Hmmm, the lack of response on this one leads me to assume that announce only
> lists are not a feature of Mailman. Short of modifying the default welcome
> message and mangling every other lists welcome message, this is not doable.
> Are there any developers monitoring this list? Are there plans to add this
> type of functionality in the future? It would seem reasonable that one could
> alter the entire contents of a welcome message for any given list without
> affecting every other list. A default welcome should still be available but
> allowed to be overridden entirely for a specific list.
> I guess a workaround would be to take the unwanted verbage out of the
> default welcome message then prepending appropriate text to the non announce
> only lists.
> Any other thoughts on this?
> Thanks,
> David
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> Subject: [Mailman-Users] Announce only list
> We are wanting to create an announce only list for upcoming events in our
> City. In looking at mailman, it appears the standard welcome message can be
> prepended with some text, but you cannot customize the entire message for a
> specific list. We particulary want to cut out the wording about how to post
> to the list, since posting will not be permitted. What are the standard
> procedures for setting up an announce only list without effecting the
> welcome message for every other list on the same server? I'm sure there is a
> simple way that I'm overlooking.
> Thanks,
> David Parker
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