[Mailman-Users] Cobalt RaQ Mailman HOWTO (for the archives)

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Wed Nov 27 02:27:59 CET 2002

My apologies to Chris!  I had intended to merely ask you to write a HowTo.
I didn't think I attributed one to you.

I've heard the harrowing tale of Chris's Herculean efforts at putting
Mailman on the Cobalt RaQ.  It was an amazing feat for which Chris was not
richly rewarded.  I won't relay more of what I've heard.  Suffice it to say
though that Chris now knows more about Mailman than 90% of this user base!

Take care - Jon Carnes

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> This message is for the archives, as it seems every couple of days I
> get someone emailing me asking for a HOWTO I supposedly wrote on the
> subject (thanks to my good friend John Carnes who posted that back on
> Apr 23, 2002)
> I have not written a HOWTO on how to get Mailman to work on the Cobalt
> RaQ.  I have gotten it to work, on a consulting basis, and it worked
> fine (though it does not install like a normal system).  I'm happy to
> do it again on a consulting basis, but really don't have the time to
> write a book on the subject.  Hopefully this message will come up in
> searches before the other one.
> For those of you considering PURCHASING a Cobalt RaQ for the purpose of
> running Mailman, please don't.  I'm not referring to any fault of
> Mailman, but the RaQ can be thought of like a toaster.  A toaster will
> apply heat to toast for a certain amount of time and eject the finished
> toast.  That's all a toaster does, but it does it really well.
> Toasters make lousy coffee machines.  IMHO, you'll save yourself some
> $$$ and aggravation if you purchase kit that runs a more standardized
> version of Linux, *BSD, Solaris, etc.  For about $1,000 you can have a
> really stellar 1U rackmount machine running a more standardized OS
> flavor and move more mail in less time than the low performance RaQ
> hardware.  If you're going to run really mondo huge high traffic
> mailing lists, the RaQ isn't going to keep up with your demands anyway.
>   So no matter how you slice it, the RaQ is not a cost effective
> platform for deploying Mailman.  I have other beefs with the platform
> that I won't get into here because they aren't Mailman specific.  Yes,
> I can get it to work.  No, I wouldn't promote this as a good platform
> for your mailing list server.
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