[Mailman-Users] Problems with the archive

Ørjan Olsen gutfante at stranda.org
Wed Nov 27 12:41:26 CET 2002


I have installed Mailman2.0.13 and everything seem to be working great except the archive. All mail sent to the list get sent to the members, and logged to the raw archive right away, but not the "real archive".
I have been trying to run the command that is in the crontab manualy, but it dont create the archive or give any error message output or in the logs.

I got a little compile error too, posted it here:

Some system info:
Linux 2.4 (Slackware)
qmail with a own virtual host for the list(using contrib/qmail-to-mailman.py)
mail-gid=mailman's group id
prefix= /home/system/mailman
compiled in /home/system/mailman/mailman-2.0.13 as user mailman with the "mailhost" and "wwwhost" options set.

Any suggestion of what i can try to fix this problem? And does that compile error mean anything or is it normal?

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