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Dan Mahoney, System Admin mailman at gushi.org
Fri Nov 29 07:27:01 CET 2002

Hi all, quick question.

My host name is prime.gushi.org, but I operate several vhosts under it.  I
am easily able to make a few virtusertable tweaks that allow me to have
users point to listname at theirdomain.com instead of
listname at prime.gushi.org, but there's no place to edit this in the
configs.  (i.e. all the HTML pages, welcome emails all say post to
listname at prime.gushi.org).

Is there a workaround for this?

-Dan Mahoney


"there is no loyalty in the business, so we stay away from things that piss people off"

-The Boss, November 12, 2002

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