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Run Sendmail or Postfix locally on the linux box.  You'll need a local mail transport.

You can setup the MTA (Sendmail or Postfix) to use the Exchange server as a Smart relay, or you can simply have it send the messages out directly.

When you setup the lists, you setup forwards from the Exchange server for each list you setup in Mailman, or you can qualify the lists by using the host name such as:
   sales at mailman.domain.com
   prod_mark at mailman.domain.com
   support at mailman.domain.com

These will be different from your exchange lists which would be:
  sales at domain.com
  prod_mark at mailman.com
  support at domain.com


Exchange has similar functionality to Mailman.  In Exchange, the sysadmin can setup lists and then give ownership of those lists to various users.  The owners can modify and manipulate the lists.  They can also setup who can/cannot post to the lists.

I've setup Mailman to run alongside Exchange at a few clients. Mailman doesn't really give them much more than Exchange. 

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  I don't know mailman or exhange 2000. But a  customer want use mailman on linux with exhange 2000. 
  Could you tell me if you are agree with this configuration ? (Even a solution with sendmail or other is better. )And give me some leads about this architecture ? 


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