[Mailman-Users] Blind Copies

Don Cooley cooleydd at pacbell.net
Mon Oct 7 06:08:22 CEST 2002

To All

It is my understanding that I cannot send many Blind Copies with Mailman
as it will ask for an approval before it is allowed to go through.

For example, If I am dealing with 20 Mailman lists and I want to send a
post to all of them, I would use my name (and regular email address) in
the To: and the names of the twenty lists in the Blind Copy area.  There
are many problems involved if I can not achieve this.  I simply cannot
post to each one individually because of time restraints and other
internal problems of mine.

Has to be some way that I can allow those 20 lists to be included as a
Blind Copy in one post.  It has to be achieved in a way that it would not
effect any other lists on the server.

Any ideas??

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