[Mailman-Users] qrunner lock

Chris Lawson clawson at jungle.ca
Wed Oct 9 19:03:31 CEST 2002

on 10/9/02 11:03 AM, Jon Carnes at jonc at nc.rr.com typed:

> Just to remove any thought of rights issues, how about setting the
> rights to that file so that it is read/writable to all.
> The current rights should look like this:
>  -rw-rw-r--   mailman   mailman

They do now. But they didn't. They were...

-rw-r--r--    1 root     mailman      1377 Oct  8 23:47 request.db

...which I take to be a problem.

I changed them to mailman.mailman group read and write and the error
messages went away.

These are lists that were created and/or modified during my ill-fated
flirtation  with the rpm version of mailman. I tarred them to another
directory, uninstalled the  rpm version, deleted the residual directories,
and copied the lists back after I had reinstalled mailman from the source

I assume that somewhere along that tortured path I or RedHat's rpm messed up
the permissions.

> To set the file so that it is world writable:
>  chmod a+w request.db

Maybe I don't need to do that?

> What OS are you using?  Are you on a BSD system?

No. It's RedHat Linux 7.0.

> Check /etc/passwd and make sure that the UID for mailman is unique.

It is.

> Check /etc/group and make sure that the GID for mailman is unique.

It is.

Chris Lawson, clawson at jungle.ca
Ottawa Ontario

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