[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1 -- is anyone using it in production?

John Wards j.wards at sportnetwork.net
Fri Oct 11 10:16:02 CEST 2002

On Thursday 10 Oct 2002 9:53 pm, NOW Website Coordinator wrote:
> The web site warns away from using it, but I see responses on the mailing
> list that suggest people should use it in production if they want certain
> features.
> When is it going to come out of beta?
> Is anyone currently using it?
Yup, have many active lists
> Are you using it with Qmail in production?
Yup, usinging it with qmail and the mailman-to-qmail script supplied. This 
makes for an very easy list to manage. Oh I am also using 
> Would you recommend it?
Yes have had no problems with it
> Are you using it with its internal archiver or with an external one?
erm....both......I have a few applications that I have built that have its own 
front end to interact with the mailing list stuff and the archiver just 
wasn't pretty enough. I am using www.phorum.org and its phorum mail script. 
for archiving.

John Wards

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