[Mailman-Users] Mailman Question

Coy coy at mooneymart.com
Fri Oct 11 00:43:00 CEST 2002

We are considering using Mailman but would like to have a more detailed
sign-in page asking for the usual contact data and a few other fields.
We would also like to allow members or users with valid passwords access
to most of this data so as to verify the ID of the person making the
posts is accurate.  
In other words, we want things like; name, address, emails, phones, and
a few other fields including a short data box for a short bio (for
example).  This data page could be accessed if and when someone wanted
to by listing the email of the person who's data they are seeking.  This
data would only be available if a person went to a specific portion of
our site and/or URL to peruse the sign-up page.  
Is this possible and/or how could we do it?  If you can't answer this,
can you tell us how to have it done from here.  
I hope this is clear, if not advise,
Thanks in advance
Coy Jacob
800-AC4-SALE,   941-484-0801
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