[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Sun ONE/iPlanet Messenger 5.2?

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Tue Oct 15 03:27:01 CEST 2002

Interesting problem! I would tackle this by:
 - renaming the newlist command to something like orig.newlist and then
 - writing a script that collects the data necessary for newlist, 
 - feed that data into orig.newlist, 
 - capture the output, and then 
 - run the "imsimta" command for each of the necessary lines.

Basically do just what you said, write a wrapper around the newlist

On Mon, 2002-10-14 at 16:32, Morgan Jones wrote:
> I am new to the list and to mailman so I apologize in advance if this
> has been covered...
> We are running Sun ONE/iPlanet messenger in Solaris 8.  For those
> using the same, here's the issue that we're up against:
> imsimta program -a .. forces programs to be registered with command
> line arguments.  Mailman depends on the list name as an argument.
> This would imply that that we need to register three new programs for
> each list that is created.  This could get cumbersome fast.  Here's an
> example:
> $ bin/newlist morgantest
> Enter the email of the person running the list: mjones6 at commnav.com
> Initial morgantest password: 
> Entry for aliases file:
> ## morgantest mailing list
> ## created: 14-Oct-2002 root
> morgantest:              "|/opt/mailman/mail/wrapper post morgantest"
> morgantest-admin:        "|/opt/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner morgantest"
> morgantest-request:      "|/opt/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd morgantest"
> morgantest-owner:        morgantest-admin
> The only sol'n I can see is to write a perl script that parses the
> incoming message and execs the wrapper script with the appropriate
> arguments..
> Does anybody have an alternate solution?
> thanks.
> -morgan
> Morgan Jones // mjones6 at commnav.com
>              // CommNav, Inc.
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