[Mailman-Users] SMTP-Problem

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Tue Oct 15 19:57:42 CEST 2002

Can you login to that server and:
  telnet 25

In other words is sendmail listing to all available ports on the server?

If so, what happens if you put the following in
   DELIVERY_MODULE = 'Sendmail'

In other words, change the way Mailman attempts to drop messages off to
your MTA.

Good Luck to you - Jon Carnes
On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 10:37, Fuss, Christian wrote:
> Hi,
> and again my Problem with Mailman and SMTP, posting is actually working, a posted message is even shown in the archive. Just delivering to the members doesnt work, i get the following error message in the /var/log/mail:
> "Oct 15 16:33:18 p15093706 sendmail[28096]: NOQUEUE: localhost.localdomain [] did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA"
> Relaying is allowed, i can send mails from console having any problems.
> Anyone got an idea??
> Thx
> Chris

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