[Mailman-Users] Still can't locate the place to change a virtual domain name's base URL for MM2.1b3

John Locke mail at freelock.com
Thu Oct 17 17:18:54 CEST 2002

I had this problem initially, too, until I figured out that when you use
newlist to create your list, you need to put the domain name of the web
host, not the email host.

For example, if you're in the mailman home directory, type:

bin/newlist list at www.domain.com

instead of

bin/newlist list at domain.com.

The former sets the web host to "www.domain.com", and, if you have that in
your mm_cfg.py, sets the email host to "domain.com".

So how do you change the web host for existing lists? The setting was
available from the web page in 2.0.x, but it's no longer there in 2.1b.

I'm no Python person, but I was able to change my existing lists directly,
using the bin/fix_url.py script and bin/withlist. I created a copy of
fix_url.py (in this example, fix_domain.py), and changed the line:

    mlist.web_page_url = mm_cfg.DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN % mm_cfg.DEFAULT_URL_HOST


    mlist.web_page_url = 'http://www.domain.com/mailman'

Then ran the script with:

bin/withlist -l -r fix_domain <list_name>

Hope this helps,

John Locke
Owner, Freelock, LLC

Fuzzy said:
> Mailman 2.1b3
> FreeBSD 4.7rc
> Python 2.2.1
> Sendmail 8.12.6
> I looked at the Mailman Administration Guide V2,
> http://staff.imsa.edu/~ckolar/mailman/mailman-administration-v2.html.
> The guide tells me that the "Base URL Mailman web interface" is an
> option of the General Options admin page, but it does not appear on our
> Admin General Options pages. Has it moved to some other page / location
> for MM2.1b3? My main page has "Host name this list prefers for email" vs
> "Host name this list prefers". I ran ~mailman/bin/config_list and
> searched the result for the value "web_page_url" variable. The result
> was only a comment and the text for the footer. Do I need to substitute
> the literal Base URL for the variable in the input to config_list to get
> mailman to put the correct, (changed to virtual domain name after list
> creation), base URL in the footer and the RFC-2369 headers? I've already
> added the code to mm_cfg.py to define the virtual domains as well as the
> real domain.
> <fragment from the Mailman Administration Guide V2>

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