[Mailman-Users] qrunner backlog in mailman 2.1b3

Andrew D. Clark andrew.clark at ucsb.edu
Wed Oct 23 19:31:22 CEST 2002

OK, so mailman 2.1b3 was doing a better of not getting backlogged than 
mailman 2.0.12, but today I have 1085 files total in all the queues (552 in 
the in queue).  The oldest file in the in queue is about 1 hour old. 
Should mailman be able to handle high volume bursty postings like this? 
The system itself is pretty fast (PIII 733 with 1GB RAM, fast disks, local 
caching named server).  qrunner logs (or any other log, for that matter) 
don't point out anything unusual.

Andrew Clark
Campus Network Programmer
Office of Information Technology
University of California, Santa Barbara
andrew.clark at ucsb.edu (805) 893-5311

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