[Mailman-Users] Mailman CGI error

Jeremy Portzer jeremyp at pobox.com
Fri Oct 25 15:36:31 CEST 2002

On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 22:56, Jon Carnes wrote:
> Your webserver is not using a GID. In your /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
> file - assuming that you are using Apache - set the group ID to 99 (or
> nobody). The stop and restart Apache.  That should get rid of the error.

Check your password /group files and see what GID "nobody" is using on
your system.  On some systems, nobody is UID and GID of -1, which may be
the same as 65535, depending on your system.  This setup can be
confusing; I recommend using a "normal" UID/GID for nobody, which is how
many systems do it.


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