[Mailman-Users] rejecting non-subscriber postings

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.com
Sat Oct 26 22:52:37 CEST 2002

On my lists I probably have a two to one ratio of spam or virus postings to
legitimate messages. The legitimate postings come entirely from users who either
have multiple addresses or slight variations of their address, and I really don't
feel like throwing them away. Mailman 2.1 handles this a little differently, I'm
not yet sure if I like it better or not. But if you just refrain from checking the
held postings every time you get notice of one the time it takes will drop
substantially. Most of the time I can tell the difference really quickly.

I will say (Attn: Barry) that I would like it to be more clear on that page *why*
the messages are held. Now they all say "Post to moderated list" and tell the
sender that the message was "deemed inappropriate by the moderator." (Note that
although I have quoted these strings, I am going from memory and they may only be


Erez Zadok wrote:

> In message <001201c27785$f6bc81a0$020a0a0a at ALFA>, "Mike Burton" writes:
> > Hi Erez,
> >
> > Set your list posting to members only under the Privacy section.  That'll do
> > exactly what you are asking for.
> >
> > Take care,
> > Mike
> Mike, I don't think that's what I'm looking for.  I already set
> member_posting_only to "Yes" but it doesn't solve my problem entirely.  If
> you're not a list member, your postings are held for approval.  I don't want
> non-subscriber postings held anywhere.  I want such postings discarded
> immediately, after bouncing back a note to the sender saying that they must
> subscribe first to post to this list.
> Erez.
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