[Mailman-Users] Need help getting it working right

Bob icon at accesscomm.ca
Thu Oct 24 05:32:02 CEST 2002

I have installed Mailman 2x on a Debian system running Exim as the mail
server. I set up a "test" list, and then tried to get to the webpage to
subscribe, but while I could get to the page, after some fiddling with the
address, I could not get it to subscribe me, it always went to a blank page
and said "could not find server". Here are the problems as I have figured
them out.

Can get to www.domain.net/mailman and www.domain.net/mailman/listinfo and
www.domain.net/mailman/listinfo/test/ or any address that reads
www.domain.net/mailman* but when I try to do anything on any of these pages,
they refer to www.domain.net/cgi-bin/mailman* and the added "cgi-bin" is one
of the things stopping it. 

Also, it seems to need "www" to actually be in the address it is looking
for, but is not putting it in there itself, thus the addresses are coming up

When I make these changes, I can get to the pages, but then cannot do
anything because whenever I try to submit something, it looks for the
"cgi-bin" in the address and does not put in the "www". 

If you understood this, can anyone help me?

Robert Lydiate
icon at accesscomm.ca 

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