[Mailman-Users] From UseNet Is Not Working

Jerry Stratton jerry at sandiego.edu
Mon Oct 28 23:32:11 CET 2002

>But when I use the Usenet reply the message, I don't see the mail sent to my
>mailing test.  Any new posts to the newsgroup ARE NOT sent to my mailing

>Oct 28 10:40:03 2002 (30103) brasssgi-testlist: [680..729]
>Oct 28 10:40:03 2002 (30103) nothing new for list brasssgi-testlist
>Oct 28 10:40:03 2002 (30103) brasssgi-testlist watermark: 1550

What are the message numbers on the Usenet server? This looks to me like the "watermark" (the last message number that mailman went and got) is higher than the current message numbers. Is it possible that the message numbers got reset somewhow?

You might try telling it to play "catchup". This may reset the watermark to the current highest, allowing subsequent messages to get picked up by mailman.

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