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Don Cooley cooleydd at pacbell.net
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It appears that Outlook does not have the capability to sort by List ID
unless I am missing something.

I can only add what is in the header and I believe that I would have to
add the whole thing:
"List-Id: A Discussion of Alternatives to Traditional Prostate Cancer
Treatments <alternatives.phcagroups.org>"

Anyone have any thoughts.  When you realize that I have some 3800
members in my various lists and some 85% of them use Outlook or Outlook
Express - it would be nice if I could sort by the List ID.

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On Tuesday, October 29, 2002, at 04:10  PM, Don Cooley wrote:

> My header shows my list ID as the following:
>      List-Id: A Discussion of Alternatives to Traditional Prostate
> Cancer Treatments <alternatives.phcagroups.org>
> What part of that is the list ID that is being discussed and how would
> this be used in the Outlook 2000 Rules Wizard?

This is your short description for the list: A Discussion of
Alternatives to Traditional Prostate Cancer Treatments

This is the ID of your list: alternatives.phcagroups.org

what I usually do is set up a filter something similar to (your exact
setup will vary, this isn't outlook syntax)

Header "list-id" contains "alternatives.phcagroups.org".

If I'm on multiple mail lists, I'll do a single filter for the site:

Header "list-id" contains "phcagroups.org".

In theory, you could filter all lists to a folder with something like:

Header "list-id" exists


Header "list-id" not empty

if you only use a single "lists" folder.

the ability to use fewer rules is something you really can't do with
Sender or filtering on to/cc.

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Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh
nervously and change the subject.

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