[Mailman-Users] Big discussion on filtering

Mike Burton mburton at jo.birdsense.com
Wed Oct 30 08:28:31 CET 2002

Good point, Bob.  In fact that's exactly how I filter mail.  But this still
doesn't address the suggested filtering strategy of using a field that is
not accessible to most MUA's nor the issue of how the headers make the mail
path appear.  Nor does it address the issue of forcing this issue on end
users and creating headaches and undo effort to understand how a mail
actually was routed to your inbox.

So, let's assume that you are also filtering on subject content (I assume
you are).  Without digging into the headers, did I send this mail to you and
CC the list, or did I mail it to the list only?  Can you tell the
difference?  Can you acknowledge there could be a difference?  And what if I
didn't CC the list, but the subject line still reads [Mailman-Users]?  Are
you going to respond to the list address or to me directly?  What would be
the appropriate way to handle this mail?  Why should there be so much
thought necessary to do a simple thing like respond to email on a mailing


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> Wouldn't it be easy to filter mail based on the subject?  Most lists
> (including ones here) add [listname] to the subject... So you could key in
> that, no?  Yes, you would get the occasional direct reply from someone on
> list, but that should be part of your list folder anyways, right?  Just
> thoughts.

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