OFFTOPIC Re: [Mailman-Users] Archive URL in postings (2.1b3)

Jay Sekora jay at
Wed Oct 30 16:57:47 CET 2002

> > The problem with personalization in the To: header is that I can't
> > tell if email is to me or just to the list.

> Be careful here in distinguishing limitations and models of your MUA as
> problems with external systems.  The fact that you MUA exposes specific
> features and the manner you take advantage of them is something between
> you and your MUA and has little to do with Mailman.

So if Mailman decides to change the Subject: header to "What this message
is about:", transcribe the addresses in the To:, Cc:, and From: fields
into EBCDIC and reverse the local part and the domain, and put all the
headers at the bottom of the message instead of the top, would my beef
be with my mail reader for not displaying that properly?


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