[Mailman-Users] problems view archives (again you say)

James Quiring James at excitech.com.au
Wed Oct 30 13:23:27 CET 2002

I an running mailman on freebsd with apache and sendmail.  All works as
expected except that I cant view the archives for public lists (lists with
private archives work fine).

The error is the usuall 403 don't have permission to access

I have not errors logged in the httpd-error.log

my httpd.conf includes:

Alias	/pipermail/	"/usr/local/mailman/archives/public/"

</Directory 	"usr/local/mailman/archives/public">
	Allow overide none
	Options FollowSymLinks

and as I said - if I mark it as private it works.

uid and gid are mailman for files in the lists archive directory
apache runs as www

Any help would be appreciated.

James Quiring

Mailman newbie.

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