[Mailman-Users] Please Help

jsingh jsingh at fdu.edu
Thu Oct 31 17:22:29 CET 2002

Hey Guys

            I am a newbie doing this mailman install. So far I have
installed everything fine, I am able to view almost everything over the
web(leaving the archives).

I created a new mailing list, and mailman sent out a message to all the
subscribers I enrolled. But when I send a message to the mailing list I
got this in my 

Mail log 

"Oct 30 18:58:18 dragon sendmail[1508]: g9UNwImp001508:
<mytestlist at dragon.fdu.edu>... User unknown "

So I sent an email back to the admin and I got the same thing back  

"Oct 30 19:02:53 dragon sendmail[5302]: g9V02rmp005302:
<mytestlist-admin at dragon.fdu.edu>... User unknown "

Could anyone possibly tell me where I am staggering from my path. Please
I need help on this, anyone who does , my thanks to them before hand.



Newbie --

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