[Mailman-Users] Public/private archives problem.

tony-mm at arielbusiness.com tony-mm at arielbusiness.com
Sun Aug 10 16:15:56 CEST 2003


I hope someone can help me with this:
I am a web space reseller on a shared server.
One of the features we get is mailman, which we offer to our clients.

One thing I have noticed about it is that if a mailing list has a has a
private archive, the address is
http://clientdomain.com/mailman/private/listname, which is fine, but if
the archive is public, then the address is
http://myhostingprovidersservername.com/pipermail/listname - which is
not fine :(

This means that my clients can see the domain name of the underlying
provider I am buying space off, and potentially they might jump ship.

Is this something that can be fixed by me/the hosting provider, and if
so, how?

Many thanks,


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