[Mailman-Users] Subscriber tracking

Todd Morrey toddm at bdel.com
Tue Aug 12 18:30:05 CEST 2003

To anyone who can offer advice,

I admin a couple lists, and I have just come to realize that my ISP
requires me to keep perfect history of every subscriber: date they
signed up and originating ip address, all available with 1 day of any
complaint.  It is very important to me to conform to these requirements.

It seems that a user subscribing via mailman's webform thing gets all
this info logged in $MAILMANROOT/logs/subscribe.  However the vast
majority of my subscribers subscribe via a custom webform (integrated
with a catalog request page).  This custom webform just sends an email
to the mailmanlist-request at mydomain.com with the necessary arguments.
I looked in the subscribe log and it shows the users email address in
place of the ip address.  Ideally I need it to show the appropriate ip
address.  You can start to see some complications here, as if it were to
simply use the ip address of the originating mail, it would get my
webserver (it originates the mail on behalf of the user).  So, ideally,
I'd like to pass the originating ip address as an argument in the
subscription request email, or have it log the ip address of the
confirmation reply.

I guess that in most cases I could line up logs and I might be able to
figure it out (the clocks are always perfectly synced on these servers

Does anybody else deal with this kind of issue?  How do y'all handle
this?  Any advice of where to find docs on this?

Running mailman-2.0.13.
I google'd, searched archives of this list, read the FAQ, and looked
through the mailman docs.  I couldn't find any document dealing with
this type of issue.

Todd Morrey

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