[Mailman-Users] Re: But really now. HTDig...

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Mon Aug 25 19:02:33 CEST 2003

Warren Woodward wrote:
>So the question is, what else is there?  Anything?  I'm scared to ask,
>because I'm fairly certain that htdig is being pushed for lack of anything

      Having just installed htdig I am wondering what your problem with it 
is?  Perhaps the install is incomplete?  I have one list where I have not 
yet modified the archive pages to NOT index the subject heading of the next 
and last post, and the results for a search are therefore pretty 
useless.  But that was my fault, and when I fix it they results will be 
much better.  If you install htdig on a system with existing lists you will 
need to make some changes to several files in existing lists before it will 
work right.  I'm just now doing this, so I can't give you the details.
      The other things is that htdig is very powerful, and as is the case 
with most things the more powerful it is the more understanding a person 
has to have to make it do what they want.  We have been made lazy by places 
like Google that allow us to do "+ big + dog" instead of "big AND dog", and 
a lot of folks have no clue what an Boolean operand is.

      I have not yet looked, but I suspect there is a good little how to 
that I can link to for my users.  By offering them some information on how 
to harness the real power of htdig I will save myself a lot of hassle!

<>< Paul, who is getting fed up with the Eudora bug that trashes headers if 
a period is at the end of the subject line ... 

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