[Mailman-Users] admin fuction discard not working.

Chris Johnson johnson at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 1 13:33:40 CET 2003


     running Mailman v 2.1-8 here on rh7.3 w/ python 1.5.2-43.73.

     Simply, the Discard function on the list admin page isn't
working.  As I understand the process, I click on Discard and th
Submit all and it's supoosed to dump the message or messages.  Ain't
happenin'.  Message is still being held and won't go away.  Would very
much like to get ride of this message so the now annoying alert
notices that tell mail daily there is a held message in the queue is
still there would stop.  

     Help appreciated.  Tnx.

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