[Mailman-Users] a little help?

kenny mathieson kdesign at orange.net
Wed Dec 3 17:03:10 CET 2003

dear folks,

i'm sorry to bother you with this but i really need some help here. i am 
a complete layman when it comes to complex emailing, and am trying to 
set up a mailing list (by the term mailing list, i mean to simply send 
newsletters to a large group of people without disclosing everybody's 
email address). this is not for spamming purposes, i have set up a 
website for a band and need to learn this for legitimate mailshots to a 
list of addresses we have collected whilst on tour.

i briefly checked the mailman user lists and couldn't make head nor tail 
of them, let alone search for pertinant info.

firstly, do i need to use mailman for this purpose or is there another 
(simpler) way?

i'm not looking for you guys to spoon-feed me through this process (i 
understand you have better things to do with your lives), but if there 
was a place i could get easy to understand instructions on how to set up 
a mailshot system i would be greatly appreciative if you could point me 
in the right direction.


kenny mathieson

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